CBD & Rock Flowers

CBD & Rock Flowers

CBD & Rock flowers are cannabis flowers with a high content of CBD. These flowers can be smoked or vaporized and contain anywhere from 25-50% CBD. The aromas of CBD & Rock flowers are highly expressive and sharp. It is ideal for people who are looking for a new way to experience cannabis.

Acid Rock is a potent CBD strain

Acid Rock is a potent CBD strain derived from rock flowers with a potent aroma and high CBD content. Its genetics make it a top choice for a range of cannabis products, and its nugs have a distinctive aroma and flavor that will delight cannabis connoisseurs. The terpene profile of this plant is robust, citrusy, and earthy. As a result, it has a unique fragrance and a powerful high.

Ice Rock Blue Ice is a CBD sublimated plant

Ice Rock Blue Ice is a CBD sublated plant with a fluorescent blue color. Its high CBD content makes it an excellent choice for those who want to get the maximum CBD effects, and at the same time, enjoy a relaxing and soothing effect. The CBD in Ice Rock Blue Ice is also excellent for reducing physical pain and stress.

CBD Moon Rocks contain 25-50% CBD

CBD Moon Rocks are derived from fresh cannabis flower that have been trimmed and manicured. Once the buds have been cut, they are dipped in pure CBD oil and kief. This results in a dense, green substance that offers the strongest CBD hit.

They can be smoked or vaped

CBD & Rock flowers can be smoked and vaporized. They have a distinct earthy flavor and burn cleanly. They contain CBG, “The Mother of Cannabinoids,” which has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. Some people find that Delta 8 flowers give a smoother, less anxious high than THC.

They are legal in most states

While cannabis and CBD products are legal in most states, possession of Rock flowers and CBD derived products is illegal in some states. For example, smoking cannabis is against the law in North Dakota and Texas. In addition, if you’re caught possessing CBD derived products, you could be facing substantial jail time.

They are messy

If you have ever tried vaping CBD & Rock flowers, you know that they are a bit messy. They are very sticky and dense, so they should be crushed before vaping. This can be a bit challenging if you have a grinder, and you don’t want to end up with a clumpy mess.





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