How to Customize a Swanky Theme for WordPress

There are plenty of ways to customize a swanky theme for WordPress. You can change your site title, tagline, and favicon. To customize these elements, use the customization panel on your WordPress dashboard. To do so, navigate to Appearance > Customize. Then, click on Site Identity to make your changes. Remember to save the changes before continuing. This theme uses the Genesis Theme Settings, which means it will be compatible with Genesis.

Come Sail Away

“Come Sail Away” is a song by American progressive rock group Styx. Written by Dennis DeYoung, the song first appeared on the band’s seventh album, The Grand Illusion. It peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978, and helped the band reach multi-platinum sales. The song is one of the group’s best known and most popular, appearing in trailers for movies like Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Detroit Rock City, and Big Daddy.

Come Sail Away features a high-complexity score. It contains sections in C Major and A Mixolydian. Besides the song’s complexity, this arrangement is built with music theory features, including melody guides and intelligent chord suggestions. The resulting arrangement is a beautiful and memorable one. Even those who aren’t accustomed to music theory may feel comfortable playing this song.

1920s Gatsby

The 1920s were a glamorous time, so if you’re planning a party, why not go for the swank look of the 1920s? This period was characterized by excess, and the perfect party theme for this era is all about indulgence. Even though the party theme is based on a fictional era, the decor of the period still has a modern touch.

A wedding with a Great Gatsby theme is usually a glamorous affair with plenty of sparkle. It’s not stuffy and captures the essence of the Roaring Twenties, a time of flappers, prohibition, and endless dancing. It’s also known as the start of the Hollywood Golden Age. Decor for this period typically involves ostrich feathers, gold and silver bangles, and Art Deco details.

Music in this period is especially relevant for a 1920s Gatsby theme. Jazz, blues, swing, and Broadway music are all appropriate, as are the clothes and decor. A variety of 1920s songs are perfect for this party, from the classic “I’m a Millionaire” by Johnny Cash to the “Speak Easy” by James Brown. The music from this era will make your guests feel like they’re in a jazz club in New York City.

Men wore a variety of fun accessories, from suspenders to hats. Suspenders are an absolute must, and a proper hat should match the color of the suit. Men should also keep their hair in a slicked-back style. Another option is to side part the hair in a side part. The hairstyle should complement the hat. The 1920s were filled with swanky men, so consider the movies before you plan your party.

Winter Wonderland

Embrace the magic of the winter season by coordinating your bridesmaids’ dresses in red and green. Coordinate their dresses with the wreaths and you’ll have an elegant winter wedding theme. For an extra touch, consider having the bride hold a red-and-white-flowered bouquet against a woodsy backdrop. White-flowered trees and artificial snow can be added to the outdoors, or you can have a modern lucite wedding indoors. Incorporate evergreen accents into the tablescape, decorations, and escort cards.

The city-framing Coast Mountains have been dusted with snow. Reflections Terrace, located at the ultra-swanky Rosewood Hotel Georgia, is transformed into a winter wonderland complete with lush greenery, garlands, and glistening snowflakes. Its soft lighting makes the winter wonderland atmosphere even more magical. And you can’t miss it! You’ll find plenty of places to enjoy the view of the snow-covered coast mountains and Lions.

New York City

For the ultimate in themed drinking, head to the Red Room at the KGB. Once a black box used for DIY theater, this bar boasts warm lighting, art deco details and even a copper bathtub. Each month, this swanky bar hosts a cocktail party with era-appropriate entertainment, including a live piano and a vintage Victrola. With over 40 bottled beers to choose from, this New York City landmark is sure to provide an unforgettable evening.

The New York Marriott Marquis is a 20-story glass tower near trendy SoHo. Guests can walk to the subway and explore nearby neighborhoods such as Little Italy, Tribeca and the East Village. In addition to a chic Mediterranean restaurant and juice bar, this hotel also features a tequila and mescal bar, sky-lit atrium and a tequila bar.

Broadway Babies

A new children’s book celebrating the importance of theatre has hit the market. Broadway Babies, by Yoko Matsuoka, transports readers to the world of Broadway and the importance of the arts. With a whimsical theme and colorful illustrations, this story encourages young readers to express themselves creatively and realize that lofty dreams do indeed come true. The story is geared towards children aged three to eight.





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