I’m a Fake Saint But the Gods Are Obsessed Manga

I’m a Fake Saint But the Gods Are Obsessed Manga

I’m a fake saint but the gods are obsessed manga has the potential to be a great read for those who love to read stories about love, romance and the supernatural. The characters are well-drawn, and the plot is engaging, making this book a great choice for anyone looking for a good story to read. It also has references, characters, and other elements that will appeal to readers of all ages.


You have probably heard of the popular anime Konosuba, but did you know that it has been adapted into a drama? A TV drama called Youjo Senki has been released, and the anime’s story has similarities to that of the manga. The character Misa is also involved in the manga, but in a slightly different way. She is an orphan who was reincarnated in 1926. Although she doesn’t believe in God, she is reborn as a goddess, and she is picked by the god to take a trip to another world. And, oh yes, she falls in love with a man named Light.

It is not all good news for Misa. Light is also a fan of her, but he is also concerned that she might be a liability for him. This is a theme that is repeated in both the manga and the TV drama.


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