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If you’re looking for some tips on how to level the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector, this article is for you. In this article I’ll go over the new Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle Arbalest, Limited revives, and how to change the difficulty of this section of the game. Keep reading to learn all the tips you need to know to level the Chamber of Starlight. This is a guide for everyone, and I hope you find it helpful.

Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle Arbalest

Arbalest is an excellent addition to your arsenal. As a Linear Fusion Rifle, it deals damage and breaks enemy shields while at the same time regenerating ammo every time you hit an enemy. This weapon is perfect for taking out champions and completing objectives, as it can break through enemy shields. It can be purchased through Exotic Engrams, Xur, or world drops.

This fusion rifle is a solid Heavy. It can be equipped with No Distractions, Boxed Breathing, and Eye of the Storm to effectively deal with enemy mobs. Unfortunately, this Exotic Rifle Arbalest does not work as well in PvE, and you’ll have to spend a lot of time grinding for Legendary world Engrams to get it. Thankfully, there are still some great options out there for a heavy fusion rifle.

Exotic Graviton Lance

If you’re looking to clear Legendary Lost Sector as quickly as possible, you should invest in an Exotic Graviton Lance. The ‘Graviton Lance’ is an excellent Pulse Rifle that will stun Unstoppable Champions and deal massive amounts of damage. Its ‘Void Burn’ ability is particularly effective against these enemies, and it also deals bonus Void damage. You can acquire this Exotic from drops and Exotic Engrams.

The Graviton Lance is one of the oldest weapons in Destiny 2, and was introduced as an intro quest reward. It is a versatile weapon, ideal for clearing waves of enemies, especially in PVP. To fully utilize the Lance, you must work on its ‘Catalyst’ ability. This quest requires a lot of hard work, and is a fun secondary goal to complete. It also rewards accuracy and speed.

Limited revives

In addition to the new equipment, Limited revives also bring a new subclass for the Dawnblade class: Dawn Chorus. This new subclass will increase a player’s damage when they throw void grenades. The Void subclass can also use grenades that burn, which increases their damage. The Lost Sector is particularly tough for Legendary players, and they will need to have Overload or Barrier mods in order to survive. The match game mod will also help a player’s armor and equipment by ensuring that the enemy takes less damage from elemental weapons.

While the number of revives in a Lost Sector initially seems low, these will increase as you kill Champions. But, once you reach the 15-minute mark, all your extra lives will be gone. This is scary, but remember that safety always takes precedence over speed. You won’t need to use all of your lives in a Lost Sector if you play slowly, but if you rush through it too fast, you’ll lose them too often.

Changes to difficulty of Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector

There have been some changes made to the difficulty of the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector today. In addition to the previously announced changes, the game will have two new champions in the Lost Sector – the Taken Phalanx and the Starlight Champion. These champions can be killed using the solar heavy weapon or a sniper’s rifle. Regardless of which champion you choose, you can be sure to encounter a challenging and exciting game.

The changes to the difficulty of Chamber of Starlight have been made to the enemy spawns in this area. While the Loadouts in the Lost Sector are similar between the three difficulty levels, there are some differences. The enemy spawns in these areas are significantly different from the previous difficulty level. Those who are familiar with the game’s difficulty settings will likely find the changes to be minor.


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