Love’s Travel Stop Near Me

Love’s Travel Stop Near Me

Love’s Travel Stop is a family owned business with more than 550 locations throughout the United States. It provides truck drivers with gas, fast food, and showers. The stores also offer Internet access and trucking supplies. Some locations even have RV parking and other amenities. Its main store is located in Oklahoma City.

Love’s Travel Stop is headquartered in Oklahoma City

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores is a chain of truck stops with over five hundred locations in forty-one states. These establishments offer truckers branded fast food, fuel, and other trucking necessities. In addition to convenience store locations, Love’s also operates 67 truck-care centers and Speedco locations.

Love’s Travel Stop & Country Stores was founded in 1964 by Tom Love. The company has since expanded and now employs more than 21000 people. The company’s headquarters is in Oklahoma City and the company is privately held. The company recently dedicated a new 68,000-square-foot building.

It has more than 530 locations in 41 states

Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores is one of the nation’s largest travel stop networks. With more than 530 locations across the country, it offers a variety of services to motorists on the go. Whether you need a quick fill-up or a full-service repair, Loves can provide what you need. The family-owned business employs more than 27,000 people and offers 24-hour access to gas, convenience, food, and truck service. In fact, Loves Travel Stops & Country Store’s Truck Care network is the largest oil change network in the nation.

The company is expanding contactless payment options at its locations, including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Customers can also use Mobile Pay through Loves’ Connect mobile app. In addition, the store accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

It has a mobile app for truck drivers

Love’s travel stop has updated its mobile app to add features that help truck drivers save time and money while on the road. Drivers can use the app to check in for showers and get directions to nearby stores. The app also provides information on hours of operation, fuel pump activation, and more. It is also available on both iOS and Android devices.

Truck drivers can now use Love’s Connect mobile app to pay for fuel. The app now supports Love’s Mobile Pay for Commercial Fuel, which allows professional drivers to purchase diesel fuel right from their cabs. Truckers can also use the app to get digital receipts for their purchases.

It has more RV parking spots and amenities than any other national travel stop network

Love’s Travel Stops is a chain of truck stops and RV parking lots in the United States. Its facilities include full hookups and private showers. These locations also have laundry facilities and ample parking for recreational vehicles. Love’s offers more RV parking and amenities than any other national travel stop network, according to the company.

Love’s truck stop locations offer overnight RV parking. There are 13 Love’s locations in 10 states. They are testing the waters before they expand into full campgrounds. Eventually, the truck stop chain plans to have more than 550 sites in 41 states.


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