Massage-K Business Trip Massage


The Massage-k features orbital oscillation on the sides of the calves and kneading rollers at the back of the legs. Both movements mimic human hands and improve circulation, flexibility, and range of motion. Multiple air cells provide compression with adjustable intensity. A full-color display and control panel offer a user-friendly interface.

S-Track rollers move up and down

Massage-k S-Track rollers are designed to conform to your spine’s natural curve. This means the rollers won’t lose contact with your spine during your massage. They move forward at your neck and backward from your mid-back, following the curve of your spine.

An S-Track massage chair begins by moving forward, then retracts in the mid-back and moves forward on the lower back, forming an ‘S’ shape. The massager uses the movement of the rollers to target specific areas, including the hamstrings and glutes.

L-Track rollers are similar to S-Track, but are longer. These models offer continuous full body massage and focus on working the hamstrings and glutes. The L-Track is great for lower back pain, buttocks pain, and piriformis syndrome.

Massage-k S-Track rollers are designed for deep tissue work, which is much preferable for many people. These rollers can be adjusted to different intensity levels. They can also be adjusted to target specific muscles, including shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings.

Oil or cream massage

There are several advantages to using an oil or cream for massage. First, it’s easier to work into the muscles. It also has the added benefit of reducing redness and soreness in the skin. In addition, it can make the massage feel more luxurious and relaxing. Depending on your preference, you can use different types of oils for different parts of the body.

Massage oil is the most commonly used by massage therapists, and it offers great glide when massaging. It’s also easy to add essential oils without vigorous mixing. It also feels nice and warm on the skin and doesn’t require reapplication. However, some types of oil may stain or leave a greasy residue.

Oils are great for massage, especially for those who want to reach deeper muscle layers. Plus, they’re gentler on the skin, which can help with dry patches and cracks. Many massage oils also have aromatherapy properties. Certain oils, like lavender and CBD, can be used to calm anxiety, relax muscles and reduce pain.

3D/4D back and glutes massage mimics deep tissue massage of human hands

Massage is a systematic manipulation of soft tissues that has therapeutic benefits. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and improves local circulation. It also provides a sense of well-being. Massage-k imitates human hands in the way that it manipulates soft tissues.

Deep tissue massage is not the same as “hard massage”. It uses specific finger pressure and slow strokes to manipulate deep muscle and fascia layers. The goal is to break up chronic patterns of tension in the body. It also works to improve joint range of motion and relieve pain from injuries. It is especially effective for people who suffer from persistently contracted and tight muscles.

Thai massage

Thai massage is a type of yoga massage that blends acupressure with principles of Indian Ayurveda. The massage also involves assisted yoga postures. The massage uses a technique called Sen-lines, or energy-lines, which are very similar to the nadis of Gorakhnath’s yoga philosophy.

The massage is done while the client is fully clothed, and the masseur uses compression, stretching, and rocking techniques to relieve tension from muscles and joints. The masseur uses their hands, elbows, forearms, and feet to apply pressure in specific areas of the body. The massage works from the extremities towards the core of the body, which ensures the flow of energy and improves circulation.

Thai massage is not a mechanical technique, so it’s important to learn how to work with sensitivity and intuition. For example, when working on the sen lines, there is no right or wrong way to do it. The pressure used must be felt. For this reason, it’s important to let the massage therapist know what level of pressure is most comfortable for you.





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