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OnBoard IT Tech

OnBoard IT Tech is a company that provides high-quality services such as networking, intercom and access control installation, and security camera installation. They approach every job with a serious attitude and are dedicated to completing it in a timely manner. In addition, they keep track of their time for clients. As a seasoned professional, they ensure that their work is done with utmost attention to detail.

About the company

OnBoard IT Tech is an experienced Los Angeles intercom and access control installation company, dedicated to providing the best service. From basic camera installation to networking and security camera setups, the team at OnBoard IT Tech is dedicated to quality work. They are licensed, bonded, and insured. As a business, they work with small businesses and large corporations to determine which options are the best for their needs. Other services they offer include home automation, door access, smart home, and security camera systems.

Services offered

OnBoard IT Tech provides an extensive range of services, including CCTV installation and repair, home theatre system setup, and intercom and access control installation. Their dedicated technicians strive to meet the client’s needs while providing the highest quality service. They are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. The team at OnBoard IT Tech has more than 20 years of experience in this field, and they are dedicated to providing a high level of customer service.

A fully integrated intercom and access control system consists of a video intercom reader, door entry device, and a screen. Some intercom systems include a built-in video intercom reader, but not all do. The base station is a separate component that must be installed at the entry point. The video intercom reader can be controlled remotely via an app. It is important to update the video intercom directory with any updates to ensure a quality installation.


There are a few requirements for an Intercom and Access Control (PACS) installer before they can start work. Among these requirements are a block diagram of the system architecture, data transmission and media conversion methodologies, and sheet index. Specific architectural details are required for each type of mounting device. For instance, door details are needed for doors with physical access control. Security panel details are needed to mount reader pedestals on doors. Likewise, riser diagrams are required to identify the distribution of physical access control systems.


OnBoard IT Tech is a professional Los Angeles-based company that offers a variety of security camera systems, access control, and networking services. With a dedication to customer care, this company approaches each job with seriousness and diligence. They also keep meticulous records of time for clients and take pride in their work, making sure everything is functioning as it should. In addition to security camera systems, OnBoard IT Tech provides professional office automation system installations as well.

Openpath video intercoms are designed for residential and small apartment buildings. They have limited scalability, making them a poor choice for larger businesses. Other models lack built-in features, making them best for smaller buildings or those that don’t need robust security. Some intercoms require a master station to work, and some may require manual assembly. Nevertheless, Openpath video intercoms are a great choice for small apartment buildings and residential complexes that do not require a lot of features.


Onboard IT Tech is an experienced Los Angeles-based provider of security camera, access control, and intercom system installations. The company has more than 20 years of experience and offers a variety of security camera and access control systems. Pricing for OnBoard IT Tech intercom and access control installation varies based on the complexity and location of the installation. Contact us today for a free quote!

Intercom and access control systems can range in price, from a basic buzzer system to sophisticated video intercom systems that integrate high-quality video storage and access control for residents. Installation is typically four hours per intercom, and active management only takes fifteen minutes. More complicated systems require monthly support fees. OnBoard IT Tech offers free consultations for most new systems. And while you’re waiting, take advantage of their flexible payment plans and low installation fees.

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