Please Dont Come To The Villainess Stationery Store Chapter 1

Please Don’t Come to the Villainess Stationery Store! – Chapter 1

You should not come to the Villainess’ Stationery Store! – Chapter 1 is a great manga, but you shouldn’t go there just to buy a pen. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t go there. First, you are a useless thing. Secondly, you are not important in our family.

You should not come to the villainess’ stationery store

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How to read

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Why not?

This slice-of-life novel is centered around an incompetent stationery store owner and her quest for the love of the male lead. In order to win his love, the MC must do wrong. To achieve this goal, she opens a stationery store in front of a school. In her spare time, she thinks about the memories of her school days and reminisces about snacks, bubbles, and beer candy.


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