R.A.S.V. Off-Road Camper Trailer

The R.A.S.V. off-road camper trailer has 9 large individual aluminium storage compartments
that are interconnected by internal ventilation openings. This system creates a positive air
pressurisation throughout the body of the trailer. A dual serviceable air filter system keeps the
trailer’s entire interior free of dust. This system helps to maximise cabin volume, while
preventing internal temperatures from becoming too high or too low.
Boreas camper trailers
If you’ve ever dreamed of living off the grid, Boreas off-road camper trailer has a model for
you. Built in Colorado, these camper trailers are built to withstand rugged terrain and rugged
conditions. The Boreas XT, for example, has a galley kitchen, 30 gallons of onboard water, and
100 watts of solar power. The XT can sleep two people comfortably, but it can easily
accommodate four with its rooftop tent and side room. The trailer comes with plenty of storage,
which means you can bring everything you need for your camping trip.
A great deal of research goes into choosing the right off-road camper trailer, and Boreas has
plenty of examples for you to choose from. For example, Boreas XT is an off-grid camper, with
heavy-duty suspension, all-terrain tires, electric brakes, and a 100-watt Zamp Obsidian solar
panel. And because Boreas Campers are made in the USA, they’re made with the highest
quality materials, including composite fiberglass exteriors.

The XT Camper Trailer is equipped with a roof rack for storage, a water tank, and a camper-
friendly mattress. Other amenities of the XT camper trailer include an aluminum lid, a trailer

rack, and a rooftop tent. In addition to this, the trailer features 31″ A/T tires, a 2-inch ball
coupler, and a Manley toolbox. LED lighting is also included and the tailgate is patented.
Available add-ons include a rear hitch trailer stabilizer, lid tie-down kit, and 3rd trailer rack
Off-road campers are more compact than standard RVs and make setup easier. Some of them
are even insulated to withstand extreme temperatures, which makes them perfect for camping
even in the hottest of weather conditions. Off-road camper trailers are equipped with ample
storage space, including exterior storage areas, interior drawers, and even under-the-furniture
storage. Many off-road campers also have a full bathroom and kitchen, which means that you
can easily shower and cook meals without wasting time cleaning or rearranging.
TRIBE(tm) Trailer
TRIBE(tm) Off-Road Camper Trailers are made specifically for the true outdoor adventurer.
With a full range of features, the TRIBE makes BASECAMP comfortable and convenient. Its
true independent suspension system lets you travel over virtually any terrain with ease and
confidence. This trailer can even be converted to a tent! Here are some benefits to consider
when buying this trailer:
TRIBE(tm) off road camper trailers feature advanced engineering and rugged construction. The
XV-3 has an aluminum-alloy frame and three-piece step-style fenders. It also comes equipped
with a galley table and a 110V exterior power receptacle. It has full camber adjustment and
features multiple electrical plugs. The XV-3 is an excellent example of an off-road camper
TRIBE(tm) Off-Road Camper Trailers: Developed for rocky terrain, TRIBE(tm) Off-road Camper
Trailers can be hitched to a pickup truck for easy access and maximum comfort. They are the
perfect choice for anyone who wants to explore the backwoods or go beyond the campground.
These camper trailers have all the features needed for outdoor adventure and will give you a
great camping experience.

OPUS(r) Off-Road Camper Trailers: The OPUS is built with rugged luxury in mind. Its low-
profile design makes it easy to tow across rugged terrain. Its unique AIR Tent Inflation

technology expands its living area. OPUS models come with an articulating hitch at the end of
a galvanized steel chassis to tackle even the toughest terrain. Twin shock absorbers and
independent suspensions at each wheel make it a versatile choice for all kinds of terrain. It is

small enough to drive on a single-lane road but spacious enough to sleep an entire family
when parked in camp.
TO Extreme Off-Road Trailers
Off-road camper trailers are a great way to get away from it all. To make them even better, TO
offers a variety of customization options. Choose from aluminum or steel construction and
change your windows or door configuration, and add a roof rack or road shower. You can even
customize your interior furniture and add accessories like a lighting package. This trailer
comes with an airstream-style bed and is made to withstand rougher terrain than traditional
camper trailers.
The XV-2 is a serious off-road gear hauler. It features military-grade materials for strength and
durability. Its roof is elevated to create an overland campsite, which allows you to bring dirt
bikes and small ATVs to the next location. It also has a roof-top tent and an area lighting
package. Its roof is also easy to pack up and is large enough to sleep a whole family in
A teardrop style trailer is a great option for the weekend warrior who wants to spend a long
weekend exploring the outdoors. It’s easy to tow with any car and won’t get damaged while on
rough terrain. But it’s important to remember that most camper trailers can’t withstand the
abuse of rough dirt roads. And proper off-road camper trailers can be very expensive.
Vesper-X(r) trailer is ideal for law enforcement and security deployment, heavy construction
hauling, and simple camping. It is a versatile trailer with an ever-growing line of proprietary
accessories. You can even add a roof for additional storage and make it even more versatile.
Vesper-X(r) trailers can handle heavy loads so they’re perfect for Scout troop leaders and
Taxa has a variety of styles to choose from. The Black Series Classic12 features an interior
wetbath with a toilet and shower. The Taxa Tiger Moth has a cabin sleeping area and is
designed to allow you to spend at least seven days off the grid. It has plenty of internal
storage and a side hatch so you can take your sleeping bag outside to enjoy nature.
The R.A.S.V. off-road camping trailer features a single-frame construction with a monocoque
body and nine large individual aluminium storage compartments. These compartments are
interconnected by an internal ventilation system that provides even air pressurisation
throughout the trailer. The trailer’s chassis is constructed using laser-cut c-section cross
members. Its open-ended rectangular hollow steel construction makes it easy to clean and
wash. This design also provides double-duty brakes.
Opus 15 – a sleek off-road trailer with an intelligent design. The Opus’s low profile body and
extendable rear section are features of a stylish design that maximizes space. The spacious
interior feels larger than most other off-road camping trailers. It features a king bed and two
bunks. Two fresh-water tanks are included with this model, with a combined capacity of 63-
gallons. A separate gray water tank and 10-gallon black-water tank provide sanitation and
water for washing and rinsing.
Boreas Campers – Built in Denver, Colorado, these off-road camping trailers are ruggedly
engineered to endure harsh conditions. They feature an axel-less suspension system and
premium BF Goodrich off-road tires. Boreas Campers are also one of the few off-road trailers
without wood. Instead, they use composite materials to increase strength and reduce weight.





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