Restaurants and Other Places to Eat Near 1400 Blalock Road in Houston, TX

If you’re looking for a place to eat near 1400 Blalock Road in Houston, TX, you’ve come to the
right place! Here, you’ll find restaurants and other places to visit in the area. In addition, you’ll
find the office of Dr. Kwang H. Cho, as well as Dr. Heeseok Yoon, a Houston-based dentist.
Dr. Kwang H. Cho’s office is located at 1400 Blalock Road
If you need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kwang H. Cho, you can find the office’s
address and contact information below. Dr. Cho is a dentist in League City, Texas. He has
advanced training in diagnosing and treating dental problems and performing procedures that
prevent oral diseases. Dentistry is the branch of medicine concerned with the health of the
mouth and teeth. He also provides dental exams, performs root canals, and removes teeth.
Dr. Kwang H. Cho is a dentist who treats Cavity, Chipped Tooth, and Composite Fillings. You
can visit his office at 1400 Blalock Road Houston TX 77055. His office speaks Korean and
English. He does not offer telehealth services. He is licensed to practice in Texas. He works at
Autumn Family Dentistry.
C J Food Court
If you are looking for a quick lunch or quick dinner in the Houston area, consider stopping by C
J Food Court. Located at 1302 Blalock Rd, Houston TX, this restaurant specializes in Korean
food and chicken wings. You can find it in the 5812 and 722511 categories, and you can find it
by searching for it on the map above. If you are looking for other Houston restaurants, you can
also visit ToreOre.
Dr. Heeseok Yoon practices dentistry in Houston, TX
Located in Houston, Texas, Dr. Heeseok Yoon is a doctor of chiropractic who has special
training in the use of chiropractic healing methods. Chiropractic methods involve spinal
manipulation and adjustments. By using these techniques, he helps relieve pain and increase

the patient’s mobility. He treats a variety of significant conditions, including neck pain, post-
surgical recovery, and torn ACLs.

Restaurant options near Blalock Road
For those who live or work in the Spring Branch area, there are plenty of great restaurant
options near 1400 Blalock Road. A number of different concepts are available, including
French bistro and Taiwan-based 85degC Bakery Cafe. Another popular concept is Tous les
Jours, which operates inside an H Mart grocery store. This new restaurant is set to create
between fifteen and twenty jobs in the area.


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