Roland Jupiter-50 Price

The Jupiter-50 is a sampler and virtual analog synthesizer combination from Roland. It comes with a price tag of $3295. In this review, we’ll explore its features and discuss its pros and cons. We’ll also discuss what the Jupiter-50 lacks, including a graphical editor, XLR outputs, and S/PDIF. If you’re in the market for a new synthesizer, it may be worth your time to find out more about this instrument.

Roland’s Jupiter-50 is a combination sampler and virtual analog synthesizer

The Jupiter-50 is a polyphonic, eight-voice, multitimbral synthesizer developed by Roland. It features a 64-sound memory and is equipped with an arpeggiator, auto-arpeggiator, and key split. A monophonic version is also available, featuring two VCOs and eight user sound memories. The Jupiter-50’s price is roughly $1750 in 2019 dollars, which makes it highly desirable.

It lacks a graphical editor

While the Roland Jupiter-50 retains many of its Jupiter-style features, the main difference is the price. For one thing, the Jupiter 50 lacks a graphical editor and the Jupiter 80 lacks a colour touchscreen. A graphical editor is still available, but it’s not as intuitive and offers lower resolution than the Jupiter 80. The Jupiter 50 also lacks Roland’s signature Supernatural Synth engine and lacks a graphical editor.

It lacks XLR outputs

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It lacks S/PDIF

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It lacks colour

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