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IFAR’s sixth conference to be held in 2021

IFAR’s first summit was held in Zhuhai, China, during the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition in June 2010. During this conference, senior representatives from IFAR member organizations discussed research priorities, collaborative activities with external partners, and issues of common interest. The Summit also welcomed two new IFAR members – the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) of South Africa and the Centre for Excellence and Innovation in the Automotive Industry (CEIIA) of Portugal.

The IFAR Summit brings together principals from its member organizations and, preferably, other international meetings. The Summit sets goals and resolves other decisions referred by IFAR Members. The 12th IFAR Summit was held in Warsaw, Poland, in 2021, as the Lukasiewicz Research Network-Institute of Aviation celebrated its 95th anniversary. The theme for the 2021 summit was “Sustainable Aviation”. There were more than sixty participants, including nearly equal numbers in the second part of the summit. A variety of topics, such as the future of aviation following the Covid-19 pandemic and certification in an era of rapid innovation, were discussed.

The IFAR is an international forum for the aftercare of racehorses. In cooperation with the Japan Racing Association, the forum will be held in four virtual webinars from April 5, 13, 20, and 2021, starting at 12pm GMT. Each webinar will be free, and recordings of the presentations will be available on the IFAR website for future viewing. While these webinars will not be held in person, attendees will be able to learn about the topics covered during the sessions and ask questions of the moderators.

The IFAR Summit 2019 was attended by dozens of international aviation research organisations. During the summit, IFAR leaders met in a familiar setting and discussed their goals. The nineth Annual IFAR Summit, held in Moscow, Russia, was attended by more than a hundred delegates. Participants had a technical tour and participated in the International Scientific and Business Forum. It is the 10th Annual IFAR Summit.

IFAR’s virtual conference series

The sixth IFAR virtual conference series will feature two sessions. The first will be on April 5, and the second will take place on April 19. Both will last two hours. They are free and open to the public. Afterward, you can watch the recordings on the IFAR website. The seventh IFAR conference, scheduled for 2021, will take a similar format. The event is being hosted in conjunction with the Asian Racing Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, February 2020.

In addition to the virtual conference, the ARF will hold a youth panel, including three Godolphin Flying Start trainees. Another panel will feature Caoohe Doherty, co-founder of Treo Eile and stud manager of Forenaghts Stud. The series also includes presentations from Tom Ward, a trainer and Equestrian Affairs project manager.

The Asian Racing Conferences are the premier international horse racing forums. The Asian Racing Federation organises these conferences, and they highlight major developments in the Asian region. The Asian Racing Federation website features a new design and an extensive list of ARF work. During the second session of the IFAR virtual conference series, the Importance of Traceability was highlighted. The Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Conghua Racecourse was the catalyst for horse racing in China.

The IFAR’s annual conference is an important event in the Thoroughbred racing world. The conference takes place every four years and brings together over 60 countries. IFAR’s annual conference is an important part of its mission to advance Thoroughbred racing and ensure its quality. With these annual conferences, IFAR works to ensure that all races are held with the highest standards.

IFAR’s past conferences

The 5th IFAR Summit was held in Zhuhai, China during the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition. During this conference, senior leaders of IFAR member organizations discussed topics of common interest. Two new members were accepted to the organization – the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) of South Africa and the Centre for Excellence and Innovation in the Automotive Industry (CEIIA) of Portugal.

The Leadership team sponsors the conference, and develops detailed research strategies and a long-term vision for the future of the association. Other members contribute as delivering partners and may provide technical expertise, resulting in reports and other documents. The findings of these groups will be shared with IFAR members and the public. The reports and research findings produced through the collaboration of various organizations may be published in international journals or made freely available online.

Participants at the fifth IFAR conference are expected to attend nearly 300 sessions and learn about new research and developments. The conference will include two virtual webinars on Apr. 19 and Apr. 20. The sessions are free and open to the public but registration is required. Caroline Searcy will moderate the session on Apr. 19. If you wish to participate in the virtual webinars, register here. The online webinars will run for approximately two hours.

The past South African conference focused on alternative reimbursement, revenue, and new pharmacoeconomic guidelines. It attracted more than 90 delegates, and workshops on technology, healthcare registries, and HTA were held in the conference. The presentations included real-world South African data examples. The event is expected to be held in Johannesburg in May 2019.

IFAR’s future conferences

IFAR’s future conferences are important events, as they bring together the largest research institutes from all over the world. At these conferences, the IFAR Board of Directors, representatives from various countries, and international experts discuss the future of aerospace research. On the occasion of the South African future conferences, IFAR leaders delivered keynote addresses on future aerospace topics. These include future supersonic transport and air traffic management.

The conference organizers also added symposia to provide an alternative to the research sessions, expanded the scope of focus tracks, and created a doctoral forum to review PhD student research. The Doctoral Forum also added poster sessions, preconference sessions, and a day of doctoral activities. The conference organizers also expanded the doctoral grant system and added a doctoral forum. This year, the IFAR’s South Africa conference will be even more successful.

In the future, IFAR will hold several future conferences in South Africa. The conference will also focus on the Futures of Higher Education, one of the ten themes for WHEC 2022. The conference theme is Reimagining the Futures of Higher Education Towards 2050. This conference is being hosted in partnership with UNESCO. The IFAR’s future conferences in South Africa will be held at the University of South Africa.

The IFAR conferences are held regularly, in conjunction with other equestrian events. In 2020, the conference will be held in Cape Town, South Africa. In addition to live conferences, IFAR also organizes occasional events, IFAR Evenings, and occasional symposia. These are all open to the public and often free of charge for supporters. When you’re in South Africa, the next conference is sure to be an IFAR success!





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