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The Villain’s Sister Suffers Today Chapter 5

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Madison Mitchell suffers horrific visions of murders

In today’s episode of “Criminal Minds,” Madison Mitchell is suffering horrific visions of murders. She freezes in place at a crime scene, forced to watch murders. In the past, Madison was linked to the evil entity Gabriel, a parasitic twin that was conjoined to her head. Detective Weaver and her team removed most of the twin, but part of Gabriel remains dormant in Madison’s head. Gabriel took control of Madison’s body and has been projecting images into her mind.

One of the murders that Madison sees is the death of her colleague Dr. Victor Fields, a former colleague of Dr. Shaw. He is mortified by the circumstances of the crime, and is stalked by Gabriel. Then, Madison experiences another harrowing vision: she is sleeping next to a man who was stabbed in the neck and face. Madison’s visions lead the detectives to Fields’ apartment building, where Shaw and Moss knock on doors and find his body.

Madison Mitchell becomes a vampire

This season’s second half is full of suspense as the protagonist, Madison Mitchell, becomes a vampire. Her new powers allow her to control her body temperature and breath, and the plot focuses on her sex life and relationship with the High King. However, she is also faced with some big decisions. While she is trying to find control over her powers and destiny, she is forced to make a choice that could change the Mortal Realm forever, and may even condemn it to a level of cruelty that no human has ever seen before.

Madison Mitchell is a vampire

In Malignant, Madison Mitchell, the protagonist, is haunted by disturbing visions of murder. This leads her to confront her troubled past. The boy who acted as a devil for Madison’s childhood is named Gabriel. She refers to him as “the devil” in her early memories, but does not remember anything about his existence until she sees home videos and official documentation.

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