Trademark Usa Lyrics

Keem’s Trademark USA Lyrics

Keem’s Trademark USA lyrics cover a wide variety of topics. Although the title is unclear, it could mean that his lifestyle is a product of being American. This song was not released as a single. It was part of his maiden album, The Melodic Blue. This may explain why this song was not released as a single. This song reflects Keem’s varied views on hip-hop and the rap industry.


Trademark USA is a song from Keem’s debut album The Melodic Blue. The lyrics are long and contain a variety of subjects. The intro of the song includes a rapping vocalist beefing with his loved one. The vocalist then mentions how he has tasted the success that comes with fame. The song then jumps around between mentions of the rapper’s sexual prowess and wealth. The chorus is a shout-out to the dead.

The song was written by Roget Chahayed, Frank Dukes, Ruchaun Maurice Akers, and Ruchaun Maurice Akers Jr. Keem also contributed music and vocals to the song. The song was released on 10th September 2021. For more information on Trademark USA lyrics, visit the album’s official website. You can learn more about this hip-hop group by checking out its website.

Keem’s trademark usa segment

The trademark USA segment of Keem’s music video contains the song’s title and a few verses about love, the rapper’s rivals, and his own love life. The trademark USA verse, which is longer than the average verse, is a tribute to Keem’s mother, implying that his stage name, “Keem,” is his mother’s nickname. The trademark USA video has gained widespread fame as a result.

Keem’s trademark USA segment lyrics contain a lot of content, including themes of sexuality, wealth, and the American dream. His first verse raps about the life that he leads, while the chorus sings about the dead. The song’s lyrical content is quite diverse, as he switches pitches and flows left and right. He even appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to perform “The Melodic Blue.”

Keem’s trademark usa lyrics

Keem’s Trademark USA lyrics were written by Roget Chahayed, Frank Dukes, and Ruchaun Maurice Akers Jr. The song is from the artist’s new album, The Melodic Blue (2021). It was produced by Scott Bridgeway and Keem. The song has become a favorite of many rap fans. The lyrics of the song can be found below.

This song has several subjects and themes. Its intro features a vocalist beefing with his girlfriend and references the taste of success. The first verse jumps from the rapper touting his sexual prowess to a brief segment about love and the dead. It’s the chorus that’s the lyrical highlight, though. Keem sings about his mother’s nickname, “Ke-Kee” in the song.


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