TriMet Trip Planner

TriMet Trip Planner

TriMet is continuing to develop its online trip planner and will explore potential opportunities to incorporate additional data such as congestion data to help people plan their trips. Adding additional data can help people make better travel choices and improve the accuracy of real-time arrival predictions. For now, there are several new features in the trip planner.

Multimodal trip planner

TriMet has released a beta version of its new multimodal trip planner. The app combines walking, biking, and transit trips to reduce travel time. It allows users to customize trips based on time, elevation, and other factors. The software also uses open-source data, allowing other transit agencies to make use of it.

TriMet has partnered with BIKETOWN, SHARE NOW, and Uber to develop the new tool. It can be used to locate transit services in your area, plan your trip, and get directions to any destination. TriMet is currently collecting feedback from users about the new tool, which is expected to increase public transit usage.

Real-time locations of vehicles and bikes

A new Trimet trip planner allows users to find the real-time location of vehicles and bikes. The new tool is mobile-friendly, and users can search by street name, landmark, or business name. The program is part of the Mobility on Demand (MOD) Sandbox program, which aims to facilitate local projects showcasing innovative tools and approaches in mobility. The city is hoping that the new tools will help users better understand the future of the mobility market.

The new TriMet trip planner is powered by open source code, which means it can be updated frequently. This means that TriMet can benefit from improvements made by other agencies and incorporate them into its own app. The new program is free to use and is being developed in partnership with OpenPlans, a nonprofit organization from New York.

Suggestions for the quickest, flattest and safest routes

The TriMet trip planner is an excellent tool for those who want to avoid driving. It offers suggestions for the fastest, flattest and safest routes and combines walking, transit and biking into a single map. When you input your start and end addresses, you’ll get total distance, approximate travel time and turn cues as well as a map. The planner also allows for future additions like other transit systems.

Integration of ride-sharing services

Using open source data, TriMet can build an integrated transit app for commuters and other users. The app could include features such as geolocation, user preferences, and daily necessities, such as parking and traffic information. The app could be a useful resource for commuters and would help them save time and money.

The app would let users choose from different modes of transportation, such as public transit, car-sharing, and bike-sharing. Travelers could plan their routes based on the best available modes of transportation. They could also pay for their rides and reserve a vehicle using the app.

Payment integration

Payment integration is a vital component of a successful trip planner. It connects passengers to drivers and facilitates fare payment. This can be done in many ways, such as using a digital application. In addition, it can help people find a driver and book a trip. However, integration between various transportation services requires collaboration and cooperation from all parties involved.

In addition to integrating payment with trip planning, the TriMet trip planner is exploring new partnerships in trip planning and payment. These partnerships are being pursued as part of the Federal Transit Administration’s Integrated Mobility Innovation demonstration program.


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